Roscommon Postcards


Roscommon Postcards


Roscommon Postcards


Roscommon Co. Library – Local studies collection of old Postcards

Roscommon County Library maintains a comprehensive collection of holdings relating to the history and culture of the County. This collection has been accumulated over many years and the organisation of the collection has been a priority of the library from the beginning. The provision of access to the collection has always been of paramount importance but it must be balanced against the concerns of conservation and preservation.

Digitisation project

The library’s ongoing digitisation project facilitates the provision of access whilst ensuring the preservation of the originals in the Local history archive. The project has initially focused on the photographic collection, which includes a large collection of postcards, photographs, and prints from the Lawrence and Valentine collections. The latter two collections are copyright the National Library of Ireland and are therefore not part of the project.

Image gallery

This image gallery is predominantly made up of a collection of postcards covering the length and breadth of the County from the turn of the last century; together with a selection of photographs. The focus of the postcards is mainly on the larger towns depicting the architecture of the big house and historical buildings. They also feature ecclesiastical architecture, bridges, street scenes and rail links. The images have been indexed and are fully searchable.


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Items in the Roscommon Postcards Collection

Castle Street, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Castle Street, Roscommon

Main Street, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Main Street, Roscommon

Essex Lawn, Roscommon
Postcard depicting, Essex Lawn, Roscommon

New Post Office, Roscommon
Postcard depicting New Post Office, Roscommon

Harrison Hall, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Harrison Hall, Roscommon

Abbey Street, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Abbey Street, Roscommon

The Walk, Roscommon
Postcard depicting The Walk, Roscommon

Grealy's Hotel, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Grealy's Hotel, Roscommon

Convent Schools, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Convent Schools, Roscommon

Ranelagh, Roscommon
Postcard depicting Ranelagh, Roscommon